We help right-brain thinkers thrive in a left-brain world.

Join us on our mission to change the world view of adult dyslexia 

 We believe Right-brained thinkers have the ability to improve the world.

They just have to know how to harness their talents, utilise their unique skills and offset the challenges that come with this amazing way of thinking.


Adult dyslexia is a real challenge that no one is talking about.

Our community is a place to understand yourself, be accepted and step into the confidence you have always wanted.



Want one on one support to help you move forward in life, a relationship, business or career?

This could be what you have been looking for.


We help employees and organisations to understand and inspire Right-Brain thinkers.

Reduce work stress, improve communication and maximise the potential of your workforce.

Happy Right-Brain Thinkers

Right Siders Tribe For Adult Dyslexia

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Right Siders Tribe For Adult Dyslexia

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