Supporting Adult Dyslexics To Thrive In A Left-Brained World

Understand who you are.
Master your mind.
Create the life you dream of.

You’re not alone – Let’s start this journey together.


We have been where you are, we know how it feels.

We set up the Truth About Dyslexia community as a place for you to get the support and answers you need.

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Imagine if you could….

This doesn’t have to be a dream.

Meet Stephen, Vanessa & Becky,

Dyslexics, dreamers, content creators, game changers and your biggest advocates…

We know how hard life can be as a dyslexic. It feels like no one gets it, you lose self confidence, feel overwhelmed, like you don’t want to rock the boat and get found out (we know). 

But we also know that, with the right support, and a community of like minded people lifting you up, you can make the progress you dream of. 

We know this because it happened to us. 

For years we have been learning, and experiencing what works in the real world, and we want to share it with you.

We know how to get results, and we have distilled this knowledge into 12 keys to take control of your life and create the future you dreamed of.



We can guide you in lifting that anxiety cloud (and show you how to deal with it if it comes back). Provide a new sense of confidence and calm – like still water on a windless day, and give you the ability to use your dyslexic strengths to help yourself and those around you.

When you join our Truth About Dyslexia community,  the isolation of Dyslexia will be a thing of the past. With our support you will work out what’s holding you back and then, by using our tried and tested tools, you will make daily progress towards your personal goals.

Join us now and discover for yourself the support and understanding you will receive from our community and the change it can make in your life. 

We get you, and we want you to thrive. Are you ready?


12 Keys To Unlocking Self Confidence

To find your place in the world, it is about finding the confident you.

The one who stands up for themselves, is aware of who they are, accepts themselves for it and can adapt to create the life of their dreams.

In the tribe we focus on the 12 Keys to unlock the confident you.




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12 Keys

We have identified 12 key shifts that can help you find calm in your mind, your life and your relationships.

Each month we explore one shift and release 2 masterclasses/tools/actions for you to use in your life.

Private Community

Many of us feel alone, struggling to find people that understand us. We want to feel accepted and valued for who we are.

Our group is full of amazing individuals who share your unique abilities and challenges – they get you!

Come and join us, help others and get help when you need it.

Access to Experts

We ask the questions you want!

We find the people with experitse on adult dyslexia and all the related issues.

In our interviews we ask the questions we all want answered and discuss problems that we all experience.

You get information and insights without the $300 per hour charge.


Use our practical and actionable tools and resources to help plan your day, set your future vision, find time management strategies and so much more.

We focus on relationships, parenting, life skills and employment.

You can use them for yourself or to help others.

Prices are in USD 🇺🇸 

Our Promise

You’re not broken and we promise we won’t try and fix you but instead give you the tools, support and guidance to thrive.

You may have tried other things that didn’t work, we are different – we are sharing what has worked for us in our lives – street smarts NOT book smarts.

In this community, you don’t have to hide your true self – you can speak your mind, share your problems, talk too much, misspell words and take your mask off.