This is all about us

We believe that right brained thinkers have the ability to improve the world.

They just have to know how to harness the ability, utilise the skill set and offset the challenges that come with this amazing way of thinking.

Stephen Martin
Founder, coach and leading light in the right brain community. Stephen specialises in coaching business leaders, execs and high performing right brain thinkers to move further.
Vanessa Victor
Founder, life skills specialist in helping right brain thinkers truly embed change. She has worked with the Dyslexic and ADHD community and is bringing this knowledge to the Right Siders.
Becky Smith
A trained life coach and organiser. Becky keeps the Right Siders team in line. Becky comes from a social enterprise background and cares about working with purpose.

The Right Siders philosophy is simple

Become Aware

Be Supported

Create Freedom

If you are a RightSider you may have felt alone, unaccepted and judged throughout your life. When we feel alone we find ourselves following the wrong path and getting lost along the way. At RightSiders we run a supportive and accepting environment where your talents can flourish among people just like you to create the success you have only dreamed of.