We Are The Rightsiders

and we’re on a mission to change the world view of adult dyslexia

We believe that right brained thinkers have the power to change the world.


We know how it feels to struggle in a world where you feel like you don’t fit in.

We’ve been there.

We have lived with dyslexia and we know it doesn’t just go away when you leave school. You just try harder and harder to hide your weaknesses, hide yourself and fit in to a world that doesn’t think the same way as you.

Come Join Our Revolution!

Stephen Martin


Founder, coach and leading light in the right brain community. Stephen specialises in coaching business leaders, execs and high performing right brain thinkers to move further. His podcast ‘Truth About Dyslexia’ has had over 210,000 downloads worldwide.

Vanessa Victor


Founder and passionate advocate for adult dyslexics. Vanessa is a trained specialist in helping right-brain thinkers thrive and succeed in life. With over 40 years of living life as a dyslexic, 19 years of parenting a dyslexic and almost 10 years experience of changing the lives of dyslexics, Vanessa is a wealth of experience and knowledge. Vanessa has a specialist interest in solving the emotional and life issues dyslexics face.

Becky Smith


Founder and devoted enabler of people being the best version of themselves. A trained life coach and natural born organiser. Becky has years of experience living and working with and guiding dyslexics. Coming from a social enterprise background she cares deeply about peoples personal experience and is passionate about creating caring and accepting communities.