The ADHD Myth

What is your picture of ADHD?

What comes to mind?

When we talk to people about ADHD the image that comes to mind is:

“Those naughty kids who can’t sit still for focus on anything”

Hyperactivity is one of the key factors people think about isn’t it.

But it is actually one of the lesser challenges that comes with ADHD and why so many people go through life being undiagnosed. I have ADHD and no one would say I was hyperactive – if anything I am reserved.

But I struggle with the other 2 key factors of ADHD:

1. Attention – Directing my attention consciously

2. Impulsivity – I live in the moment, do things very impulsively and have to deal with the consequences.

I wanted to in this post share a video that for me really got the penny to drop on what ADHD is and a shout out to the people at Understood.org who put it together.

*Funny story – I showed someone I thought may have ADHD this video and 9 minutes in he got up while he listened and started marinating chicken for dinner 😂I had to laugh as if that is not an ADHD trait – I don’t know what it!

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