Inspire The Dyslexic Talent In Your Organisation

For employees, companies & organisations.

Reduce work stress, improve communication and maximise your company’s potential.

Are you embracing the power of your right-brained employees?


We provide Insight, Inclusion and Inspiration for your employees, leaders and organisation. 

Dyslexic employees that feel understood, accepted and supported are three times more likely to be high performing.

We provide webinars, workshops and one on one coaching that can help your employees and your organisation achieve more.

Embrace the hidden power of your right-brain thinkers.

Yale Dyslexia Study

A Yale study discovered that 1 in 5 people are affected by dyslexia. So potentially 20% of every workplace is dyslexic.

Dyslexia was only officially recognised in the last two decades, which means many employees will be undiagnosed.

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Dyslexia Workshop

Bridging the communication gap between right-brain & left-brain thinkers

In this session we explore:

🎯 Left & Right-brain communication styles
🎯 Why this has to be taken seriously to make change
🎯 3 core shifts that can be made
🎯 3 actionable steps to get you started

This 30 minute workshop we run via Zoom can help open the minds of team members and give clear techniques to help you and your company.


Leveraging Dyslexic Talent

Leveraging Dyslexic ability in your organisation

In this session we explore: 

🎯 How dyslexic employees hide in an organisation
🎯 The 4 core strengths that add value to you
🎯 What will bring out the best in them
🎯 3 actionable steps to get you started.

 45 minute webinar with a visual worksheet is done via Zoom for everyone to participate.